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From the "Hohe Schule" (academy) to the castle

castle Herborn

From the "Schulhofstraße", passing House Bast, one reaches the main building of the "Hohe Schule" (academy, college). The stone-building has been constructed around 1590. The half-timbered wing and the building on the west side are dating back to approximately 1600, they are built upon remains from the middle-ages.

The "Schulhof" has been restorated thoroughly from 1968-73. Today, the buildings contain the museum and the historical collection of the city and a restaurant with a small hotel.

From the Schulhof ("Schoolyard"), a narrow lane leads over the Burgberg (Castle Hill) to the castle.
The view of the east side shows that the "citadel" in Herborn has been created in the 15th century. The narrow south side, the oldest part, shows

the typical silhouette of a castle from the Gothic period, the pitched roof of the southern tower dates back to 1416.
Today, the castle belongs to the Protestant Church of Hessen-Nassau and is owned by their "Theologisches Seminar" (theological seminary). It is inhabited from time to time by students of theology who are getting lessons there.