Herborn - Location for innovative economy and attractive retail trade

Herborn is located in the district Lahn-Dill in the middle-hesse administrative district Gießen. The economic situation in middle-hesse is especially characterized by the neighbourhood to the region Rhine-Main. The town is identified as middle-centre. Middle-centres are locations for higher institutions with regard to economy, culture, social and political aspects, as well as further public services. Middle-centres are junctions of the local public traffic. The aspects of living, working and infrastructure are combined to secure the capacity of the relevant institutions. Neighbour middle-centres are Haiger and Dillenburg. Important traffic junctions are the motorway A 45 Hanau - Gießen - Siegen - Dortmund with two motorway exits as well as the federal highways B 277 Butzbach - Siegen and B 255 Marburg - Montabaur, which are crossing in Herborn. In regard of train connections, Herborn is located at the route Gießen - Siegen with connections to Frankfurt and the Ruhr area. The location Herborn is placed between the upper centres Siegen, Gießen/Wetzlar and Marburg and well developped. The economical development can be seen from the development of employment in the different segments of economy. A positive development of employment in several fields is a signal for a prospering economical situation. The economical structure of Herborn is characterized by a relatively high share of employees in the processing trades, where especially the iron, sheet metal and metal industry, mechanical engineering, woodworking industry and electrical engineering have to be emphasized. Many qualified jobs are to be found here. Besides of this industrial shape, characteristic for Herborn are many smaller and medium enterprises, which function as suppliers for the big industry depending from the economic situation and which have a strong export orientation. With an average size of the retail traders shops of about 1,9 square meters per inhabitant, Herborn has an above-average orientation on the retail trade. The majority of the retail traders shops are to be found in the historic inner city of Herborn.