Rural- and industrial museum Herborn-Burg

rural- and industrial museum Herborn-Burg

The museum has been established by the home- and history-club Burg. It shows an extensive documentation and expositions of products from the former Burger iron works, type Juno. The situation of property with its 4 subsidiaries "Schelderhütte", "Eisenwerk Herborn", "Eisenwerk Ehringshausen" and "Tonwarenfabrik Dieburg" has changed from Buderus to Electrolux/AEG and has been disintegrated on the 31st of March 2005. With this day, the long period (189 years, foundation in 1816) of iron works in Burg has irrevocably stopped. The museums' aim is to keep the memory of many generations work in Burg and also to keep in mind the importance and prosperity the iron works has meant for the village of Burg. Also there are exhibitions about the village Burg itself, its origins, the former castle (king court) and the 650-years-old church. A historic shoemakers' workshop, a classroom of a school, a historic office room (Juno) are to be seen as well. A separate room is dedicated to the expulsion of the Sudeten. In the years 1946/47, about 13.500 expulsed people have been brought through the camp on the factory grounds. In a picture gallery of the museum, you can get a survey of the exhibitions in one glance!

Opening hours: Any time, on appointment only.
Address: Historic town hall, Burger Hauptstraße (main road)
Appointment telephone: 02772 / 42892 or 2534